Reconstraction Services

Reconstraction Services

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Over time, the building tend to wear out, decay and lose appeal. You can use reconstruction for breathing a new life into the seemingly lost forever structure. This type of construction has recently become more and more popular.

Our company offers:

1.  All kinds of reconstruction - from small repairs to large-scale capital of technological work.

Reconstruction of the building includes following works:

• full or partial reorganization of the object with a change of dimensions and specifications;

• carrying out additional construction work (add-extension);

• renovation or complete replacement of all utilities;

• enhancing structural and conversion of attic rooms under mansard, etc.

In other words, the reconstruction is a complex construction works that change the purpose of the building, the number of its premises, the area of ​​the object or its capacity, etc.

Obvious is the fact that the services related to the reconstruction, require not only expertise, but also a great experience. The key point during the work is to comply with building codes and technology.

By contacting the Company "Interstroy", you can be sure of high quality performing any work.

2. Analysis and feasibility study

Not all buildings and facilities to be reconstructed. On initial acquaintance with the order specialists of "Interstroy" ready to provide you quality analysis of facility for compliance with the expected structural changes. 

Specialists "Interstroy" prepare for you a feasibility study of the planned work.

3. Help in registration of required documentation

We must remember that it is often reconstructed appearance of the building is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, changing its functional purpose, and as a consequence, the internal planning decisions - the location of doorways, windows, etc. However, despite the fact that the reconstruction involves only a change in some of the parameters of the object (for example, number of floors and surfaces), the procedure for coordination at various levels is no less complicated than the commissioning of the new facility. This process should be approached seriously. Every little thing can make a significant difference.

Specialists of "Interstroy" will help you in all stages of the construction work and will assist in obtaining all the necessary documentation for the project. A thorough approach and skilled work of our professionals guarantee a good result.


If you are planning to renovate the building or premises, but do not have full information on the matter, the company "Interstroy" always ready to provide expert assistance and to make an application for the provision of services in Simferopol by phone: (0652) 60-88-88 or send an email to e-mail:,



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