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Finishing Works

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If you ever had engaged in repair itself, and you are not talented in plastering walls or papering wallpaper, then you are unlikely have a desire to repeat your experience. The more so because amateur approach in such matters often leads to inadequate results and unjustified waste of money and nerves.

Construction boom generates a large number of proposals for finishing works. In conditions of the immaturity of the market and imperfect legislation you can become a victim of modern Ostap Bender that has 101 way "honest" obtaining money from the public through providing repair and finishing services.

To avoid such troubles you should contact professionals who value their reputation and every customer.

The company "Interstroy" performs interior finishing works in residential and commercial buildings for 9 years. Today we have extensive database implemented objects, we are proud of.

The company "Interstroy" breaks down stereotypes: the word "repair" will no longer shiver you. We will save you from finding good finishers, total control over the workers, from the endless additional spending on "stuff" and tiring shopping trips.

The staff of the company consists of skilled painters, plasterers, tilers, mosaic masters, electricians, installers of drywall constructions and many other subspecialists. Before starting the repair you will know the exact cost of decorating. We draw up a detailed budget, which include not only finishing, but also related services (dismantling, loading and unloading, the purchase and delivery of construction materials, etc.). We cultivate a holistic approach by organizing "turnkey" finishing work . 

Also at finishing stages of the project work, we suggest you take advantage of 3D-visualization. This will allow you to see the result even at the stage of design and estimate contracts, and if necessary make adjustments before the start finishing.

We can say with confidence we have reasonable prices. In this case, if you have any difficulties in complying with the schedule of financing activities, we are ready to assist you: The company "Interstroy" has "Repair Loans". The philosophy of our company - the individual approach to each client.

We perform:

• All kinds of painting works

• Plasterboard works of any complexity and configuration

• Installation of suspended ceilings

• Linoleum, laminate and wood flooring, carpet laying

• Installation or replacement central heating radiator, window frames and doors

• Electrical and plumbing works

• Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaic

• Decorative finishing and much more

And most importantly - from the beginning to the completion of the work, all under the control certain performers.

Note, we provide architectural and technical control over the finishing works. Project manager responsible for the terms and quality of repair.

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You can get more information and cooperate with us by the phone in Simferopol (0652) 60-88-88 or by e-mail

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