Cooling summer playgrounds

Охлаждение летних площадок

We offer innovation!

We all know how pleasant the summer, sit out in the open air in a cafe or restaurant, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the unforgettable views of the Crimean or look at the hurrying passers-by. But if the air-conditioned indoor temperature is kept within 24 ° C and can enjoy the coolness, the open, outdoor areas, even in the shadow of the air warmed to 39-43 ° C, which creates some discomfort.

We offer your cool summer, the open areas and create them, even in the extreme heat, pleasant climatic conditions.

Cooling is due to the constant flow of air forced through the water filters. They are air cooled by 7 - 10 degrees, saturated with moisture, and pressure is applied to the area, forcing the hot air outside.

Проектирование и установка охлаждения на летних площадках кафе, ресторанов

Thus, a so-called "effect of the sea breeze." At the site the volume of air is completely updated every 3 minutes. Technological capabilities coolers allow you to use them in the open air cafes and restaurants, attracting visitors moist cool air. The possibility of using such systems are particularly important for the southern, coastal regions.

Охлаждение летних площадок кафе и ресторанов

For decades, as the owners of shops, restaurants, cafes in the United States, Spain, England, Italy and other countries appreciated the installation as a reliable instrument for the development of their business.

It should be noted excellent economic performance of the equipment. The devices consume less energy in the 5 - 6 times required for air conditioning and equivalent in size to the premises.

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