Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

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Air conditioners, ventilation equipment, and other systems designed to create a climate in the room. They entered into modern life and become an inherent part of our homes and offices.

Now there are wide selection of air-conditioning systems of various types and designs.Choosing the one that suits you the technical parameters (for manufacturability, performance and ease of management) is a quite difficult. This mission can only be entrusted to serious professionals.


The company «Interstroy»  is one of the leading experts in the field of air conditioning and ventilation. Our company can offer you a wide selection of HVAC equipment, presented more than one hundred major manufacturers.

We offer a range of air conditioning installation services using advanced technological standards.

Entrust the installation of HVAC equipment to our specialist, and you will no longer suffer the inconvenience associated with failures in its work.

However, do not forget that the damage can occur usually due to incorrect usage of the product or as a result of external factors.

We will eliminate all problems quickly and provide warranty service. 


Engineering system design:


Separate direction of  "Interstroy" activity is the design of engineering systems.

Project organization performs works related to the design of various types of engineering systems:


  • heating
  • ventilation
  • conditioning
  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • electricity networks and other engineering systems 


In addition to direct project design of engineering systems, our experts will undertake all efforts to harmonize the project with various governmental authorities and carry out the full range of installation and maintenance.

We will provide architectural and technical supervision of works at all stages, from design engineering services to commissioning monitoring organizations.


High quality and reliability - the main principles guiding by "Interstroy"


If you want to create in your home or office atmosphere of comfort, the company "Interstroy" ready offer you its services. For details on the installation of ventilation and air-conditioning in the Crimea: (0652) 60 88 88.

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