Capital Construction

Capital Construction

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Capital construction is one of the priorities of "Interstroy" company. We are one of the few on the Crimean construction market, who can offer quality development, observing deadlines.

It should be emphasized that  our experts supervise the observance of technological standards, which ensures high quality and reliability of the object at all stages of construction - from the preparation of the construction site up to the finishing works.




We offer the following services:

  • Selection plot for building
  • Project documentation
  • Obtaining a permit for construction work
  • Interior and Exterior design
  • Construction works
  • Installation of engineering networks
  • Design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Front works
  • Obtaining legal documents and commissioning
  • Interior finishing

If you plan to build a house or commercial building, which will last for decades, remain attractive and emphasize your social status your social status, the company "Interstroy" is ready to become a reliable partner for implementation of your plans.

We are engaged in capital construction projects, serving as a general contractor.

Today, there are three ways to implement capital construction: economic, mixed and contract. We offer you the most effective and least expensive in time and finance option - capital construction contracting.

This method involves construction development by permanent building and assembly organizations (contractors) based on the contract agreement with the customer. The company "Interstroy" takes the responsibility for all the work under the contract. The specialists of our company provide organizational and technical preparation facility for construction, monitoring the progress of work, including the coordination of subcontractors. This will accelerate the pace of construction, improve the quality and considerably reduce the cost of construction.

You are shooting the burden of routine and exhausting procedures such as the development and coordination of the project, building permits, etc. The participation of the customer in the process of construction of the facility reduced to a minimum and involved only in technical specifications, cost estimates, and financing schedules.

We guarantee to our client that no price will be changed and no additional agreements to increase the value will be signed. 

Our company is one of the few who can guarantee to protect you from checking migration services - we hire only citizens of Ukraine for the construction. You will not listen to the complaints of neighbors and explain to the police about the noise from the construction work.

Another distinctive feature of our company is that we take all the hassle associated with providing builders electricity, water, heating and accommodation.

In "Interstroy" there are qualified and experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of the construction business: we setup the electrical and condition networks before finishing works and we do not forget to put the socket in accordance to the plan of electricians, our radiators are mounted in such a way that even in the most extreme cold no flowing water on the windows. All material responsibility falls on us during construction.

Professionalism, reliability and quality - the main principles of our work.

Our specialists are ready to provide expert advice by phone in Simferopol (0652) 60-88-88.



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