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The design philosophy

We offer:

  • Apartments, houses and cottages design

  • Restaurants, stores, salons and other commercial facilities design

  • Office design

We perform design work and design project of your future interior, which includes a package of drawings and computer visualization. Visualization allows you to see your interior before the repair, which ensures your dreams, and not a "surprise" from the builders. This will avoid rework, multiple approvals, and as a result will save your time and money. We also provide support for the implementation of our project design.

Interior design - is not only the harmony of stylish space, ergonomics and functionality, but also is psychological comfort. A professional interior design favorably emphasize your status and impeccable taste. Therefore, the interior design can only be trusted to experienced professionals. Flight of fantasy of our designers are obedient all housing - from the standard "Khrushchevka" to the luxurious mansion in the countryside. We do not use templates, we develop an individual conceptual idea and implement it. We design project that will be fully accountable to your character, lifestyle and habits. High skill, unbridled imagination, original taste, lateral thinking, experience and a million ideas is not all of the benefits of the company's specialists.

We can offer you any style concept: the avant-garde, elegant classicism of Viennese Art Nouveau, constructivism, pop art, Japanese minimalism, ultra-high-tech, retro style, eclectic, empire, kitsch and more. Guided by your wishes, we are ready for a clean style or experiment, mixing disparate, "pushing" each other different styles, mix and match any colors and materials. At your request, we will offer you a challenging and even risky composition and colors, with the correct accents. We cultivate charisma and avoid vulgarity. In addition, the company's specialists will help you find the right finishing materials, furniture and fabrics, equipment and machinery.

We will help you to choose the interior as a lifestyle. In collaboration with you we will make your dream come true, and there is no dream yet - we'll create it together. You can agree about cooperation with us on the phone in Simferopol: (0652) 60-88-88 or email

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