Pool Design and Installation

Pool Design and Installation

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Pool Construction

The company «Interstroy» has extensive experience in swimming pools "turn-key" manufacture, so we guarantee high quality work. Our pool will be a zone of rest and relaxation where you can forget about everyday problems.

We are ready to build a swimming pool for a sports complex or a home garden, private homes or schools, medical rehabilitation center or hotel.

Our specialists successfully implement any ideas not limited by size, depth and shape of the pool. We use modern technology and high quality products of leading companies in the world for pool construction.


We offer all currently known types of pools:

  • Pools skimmer

  • Infinity swimming pool

  • Composite, fiberglass pools

  • Polypropylene pools


Pools Skimmer

Typically used for smaller swimming pools up to 100-120 cubic meters. Water is taken immediately below the surface by pump and sent to the filtration system. In this case, water intakes through skimmers (special chamber of the upper layer of the fence), which are installed in the side of the pool. Depending on the size of the pool there may be one or more skimmers. Due to the skimmer design, the water purification system is taken from the surface and thus cleared the upper layer of water.

The benefit of the pool skimmer is its relatively low cost compared to similar infinity pool. The disadvantage is that while swimming, water may spill over the side.

Бассейн в разрезе фото картинка



Infinity Swimming Pool

Overflow system is good for a complex shape and huge swimming pools. The water supplied from the bottom nozzle, poured over the side and into the overflow spout, and then by gravity - into the overflow tank (volume of the collection reservoir is about 10% of the pool), which is installed in the equipment room below the mirror of water.

Unlike skimmer, infinity swimming pool has a spectacular appearance, provide an effective water filtration and mixing, however, these pools are more expensive.

Построенный бассейн пример фото

The main advantage of this type of pool is the best water filtration, and the disadvantage - additional costs during construction.


«Interstroy»  has its own pool installation and service center.


You can check our already built pools by clicking "Our works" on the top of the site.


In order to get advice or apply for the installation of a particular type pool, call in Simferopol: (0652) 60-88-88 or contact us by e-mail office@en.interstroy.com.ua


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